PS4 Mods For Fallout 4 Are So Close, Here’s What To Expect



Fallout 4 mod support is finally coming to PlayStation 4. Months after PC and Xbox One, in a much more limited capacity – but still… good times (I guess). 

Developer Bethesda confirmed that the mod support would be coming to Sony’s console as a part of a new update due out this week.

Fallout 4 mods have been on PC and Xbox One for months now. A delay to this feature coming to PS4 boiled down to the fact that Sony and Bethesda couldn’t seem to agree on how best to implement mod support.

While it looked like PS4 gamers wouldn’t be getting mods at all for a brief time, Bethesda eventually reached a compromise: The PS4 can have mod support, but can’t use any external assets.

In other words, the only kind of mods available on PS4 are mods which can only work with whatever is already in the game.

As the PS4 version of Skyrim has already proven, this leaves a very, very limited set of options when it comes to the kinds of mods we’re able to download and play on a PlayStation.

Still, the inherent inventiveness of gamers never ceases to surprise me. There are at least a few decent PS4 mods for Skyrim, and I’ve no doubt Fallout 4 will receive the same treatment – I only worry it’s a case of too little too late.