PS4 Neo Could Be Coming Sooner Than We Thought

by : Ewan Moore on : 09 Aug 2016 10:25

A new report suggests that Sony will finally show of the souped-up PlayStation 4 Neo during an event in September.


Both Gameblog and Vice, have heard from sources that the reveal event is set to take place in New York on Wednesday, September 7. This would be just before the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off a week later on September 15.

Could it be possible that Sony plans to announce it before the Tokyo Game Show so that it can then use the Japanese event to show off the power of specific Neo games in more detail? Maybe.


At any rate, that’s essentially all we have on the matter right now. If the event really is next month, then Sony should be sending out press invites soon, at which point we can all expect to learn a little bit more.


Rumours of a more powerful PS4 had been floating around for months before Sony finally confirmed its existence (and not much else) during E3 2016.

Much like the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, the PS4 Neo isn’t a brand new console, but an upgrade to the existing PS4, with 4K support and a whole lot of power hiding under the hood.

Between the PS4 Neo, the Xbox Scorpio, and the Nintendo NX, it’s probably a good time to start saving up those pennies.

Ewan Moore

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