PS4 Pro Confirmed To Have Fan Favourite Feature

by : Ewan Moore on : 21 Oct 2016 11:13
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It looks like the PS4 Pro will still allow you to swap out the internal hard drive for the PlayStation 4 Pro, if you’re so inclined. 


It’s a feature that was part of the PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation 3 before that, so fans would probably be pretty ticked off it was removed at this point.


Sony recently told GameSpot that the PS4 Pro will use a SATA III interface. This supports solid-state drives that gamers can then swap in to replace the existing hard drive – up to 6 Gb/s.

Not only are Sony retaining this handy feature, but they’re also improving – the SATA III interface is double the speed of the original PS4’s SATA II interface, which scales up to 3 Gb/s.


This is one feature that Sony’s console offers that the Xbox One and Wii U don’t. However, Microsoft and Nintendo’s devices do support external hard drives.

Unfortunately, one thing the Pro doesn’t have is a 4K Blu-ray player. This is because Sony believes that streaming (much like the children) will be our future.

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The PS4 Pro comes out on November 10, priced at £349. It boasts a 1TB Hard Drive and the ability to stream and run content in glorious 4K.

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