PS4 Pro Suffering Huge Issues With TVs And Everybody Is P*ssed

by : Ewan Moore on : 14 Nov 2016 10:12


After months of rumors, waiting, eventual reveals, and subsequent debates, the PS4 Pro is finally in stores and, by extension, in many a home. 


Unfortunately, it looks like the 4K ready console doesn’t actually work for an alarmingly large number of customers – obviously not an ideal situation for Sony.


The problems seems to be that many PS4 Pro owners are booting up their shiny new consoles to find… well, a blank screen. Quite a departure from the glorious 4K HDR picture that they were sold on, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Forbes notes that the issue is being reported across a range of different TV models, including LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips and Vizio.


Worse still, a number of PS4 Pro users have claimed that that they’re getting an HDR picture, but the console somehow can’t register the TV as being able to handle 4K in HDR, limiting them to 2K HDR signal as a result.

It’s also been pointed out that these issues aren’t always consistent across the same model of TV, making this a good old fashioned clusterfuck.

So what is Sony doing about the situation? Well, a rep from the EU PlayStation forums first suggested a temporary (and convoluted) fix, involving switching the console into Safe Mode and changing the digital rights management setting from HDCP 2.2 to 1.4.

However, even this ‘fix’ could still lead to certain apps not working in 4K/HDR – something the Sony rep even acknowledges.

The post also pointed the finger at ‘some compatibility limitations of some TV models with 4K and HDR content’ and advised customers speak to their TV manufacturers for further information.

Predictably, there have been multiple reports of customers having been directed straight back to Sony after trying to speak to their TV manufacturer.


So all in all, there are a lot of people who can’t enjoy their PS4 Pro right now, and both Sony and the TV manufacturers of the world are busy blaming each other, so nobody really knows what the hell is going on.

My sincerest condolences if you picked up a PS4 Pro that you’re currently unable to use. Hopefully it gets sorted soon.

Ewan Moore

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