PS4 Slim Evidence Mounts As Console Is Seemingly Verified


Following a series of leaked images that suggested the existence of a PlayStation 4 Slim model, the validity of such a console now seems to have been confirmed. 

Eurogamer reports that it’s been to the home of the gamer who alleges to have picked up the new console through the trading website Gumtree  – the most I can find on that site in my area is a battered PS3 for £50, so great find all in all.


Anyway, Eurogamer verified that the re-modeled PS4 is real, and even shared a video of the console booting up. Unfortunately, that video was soon taken down, with Eurogamer citing ‘legal advice’.

However, you can still see a fancy image that the Eurogamer team took themselves (below) – clearly, this whole story now has much more credence than it did before.

The rumours of a PS4 Slim began when an advert popped up on Gumtree over the weekend, but without verification it was obvious that the whole thing could easily have been an elaborate (and not very funny) joke.

With Eurogamer’s verification, it seems we can all start to let ourselves believe now. We contacted Sony to ask about the claims, but were told they “don’t comment on speculation or rumour.”

At any rate, Sony are reportedly unveiling the powerful Neo model, and the Slim at an event in September, so we won’t have long to wait for an official announcement.

I guess the real question now is; who the hell someone managed to nab a PS4 Slim before it was released and stick it on Gumtree? Someone at Sony is gonna get a bollocking, that’s for sure.