PS4 Slim Reportedly Leaks Online



Images of an as yet unannounced PS4 Slim have apparently leaked online through the trading website Gumtree.

An advert appeared on the site over the weekend, with a seller claiming to have obtained the console. Without verification, it’s unclear if the console is legit, or whether it’s just an elaborate internet hoax. Check out the images below and make up you own mind.



It wouldn’t be shocking for Sony to release a PS4 Slim at this stage in the console’s life cycle, and we’ve already seen a similar move by Microsoft when they released the Xbox One S.

It’s possible that the 500GB model pictured below is one of many variants, with the lower end console coming in at £295, which is relatively cheap.



Again, it must be stressed at this point that the images are unconfirmed, but Sony are holding a conference on September 7 where they’re widely believed to be unveiling the PS4 Neo, so it wouldn’t be unbelievable for them to have the Slim lined up too.

The seller has since removed the advert from Gumtree, but there are still plenty of images floating around to mull over. One way or another, we’ll find out if they’re legit shortly.