PS4 Slim Will Reportedly Get New Controller, Here’s What It Looks Like


You may have noticed the number of recent leaks pertaining to the existence of a slimmed down PlayStation 4 model – a PS4 Slim if you will.

Well, according to new leaks, the PS4 slim will also include an updated controller. The new gamepad reportedly features a number of adjustments from the original design, such as a new light bar.

Twitter user shortman82 apparently has his hands on the new console, and has kindly been sharing details of the new controller with the internet – take a look below.

The only real obvious change for the controller is the new lightbar across the top of the touch pad. This bar will flash the same colour as the light on the back of the controller – presumably making it easier to see notifications.

Shortman82 also reports that the new controller uses the same battery as the standard controller, but claims that it seems to last a bit longer. Just note that one gamer’s experience isn’t concrete proof of longer battery.

Lastly, if the controller is plugged into the PS4, it would seem that (finally) you can make it so that it can only communicate over the wired connection.

Of course, the old controller never had the option to do something like that – it’s a small, but much needed little change.

Eurogamer previously visited Shortman82’s home to verify the existence of the PS4 Slim – which he claimed to have bought on the trading site Gumtree.

By all accounts, it seems to be the real deal, though Sony will no doubt have an official announcement soon enough.