PS4 To Get A Ton Of New Accessories, Including New Controller


20150516_112806The majority of the PlayStation Meeting 2016 event was, understandably, dedicated to showing off the PS4 Pro – but there are a fair few new accessories on the way too.

The biggest of these is probably the new controller, which is exactly as it appeared based on reports from folk who nabbed a PS4 Slim early.

The new controller will still be referred to as the DualShock 4, and only boasts a few minor additions in the form of a front facing lightbar and and USB communication support (in addition to Bluetooth).

Then there’s the new PlayStation Camera, which seems to have undergone a physical change only.

It has a a new cylindrical design and a stand that lets you adjust the angle of the camera, but that’s it – take a look below.


Following that is the slightly less exciting vertical stand, which comes with two attachments for the new PS4 Slim and Pro respectively.

All three accessories will arrive with the PS4 Slim model on September 15, while the PS4 Pro lands on November 15.

Finally, Sony will also release a new wireless headset during the Holiday period called the Platinum Wireless Headset. It’s described as a ‘high-end’ headset, and is compatible with PlayStation VR – it looks good, too.


Clearly, if you want to be involved with all this new PlayStation swag, you’ll need to start saving those pennies right away.