PSN Name Changes Could Finally Be On The Way


It’s looking like PSN name changes could finally be on the way, marking the arrival of perhaps the most requested PlayStation Network feature by far. 

Great news if you chose a name like xX_FlAmes0fdEsiR3_Xx when you were 10 years old and suddenly find yourself realising that that’s probably actually really lame.  

Four anonymous sources – all apparently from different game studios – have confirmed the news to Kotaku, claiming that they’re currently in the middle of patching their games so that they’re in line with Sony’s plans for the PSN name changes. 

One studio reportedly shared a photo from Sony internal documents (naughty), revealing an “edit username” option on a sample PSN profile.

Kotaku didn’t share this image in their own article, presumably because they should never have seen it in the first place.  

There’s no word yet on exactly when we’ll be seeing PSN name changes come into effect, but Sony chairman Shawn Layden did tell Greg Miller at last year’s PlayStation Experience that he was hopeful he wouldn’t have to answer anymore questions about PSN ID at the next PSX. 


Of course, PSX 2018 is no longer going ahead this year, but given the event usually kicks off around Dec, it seems a safe bet that any potential PSN ID updates will arrive before the end of the year. 

This is obviously huge news for PlayStation gamers, and a chance to start again with a brand new – hopefully much less embarrassing username. Between this, and Sony finally softening their stance on crossplay, it seems like they’re really listening to the fans at the moment.