PSVR Picks Up Hugely Prestigious Award



Sony’s PlayStation VR has been named one of the best inventions of 2016 in Time Magazine’s yearly roundup.

The PSVR made the cut alongside some of the most ingenious things we’ve seen this year, thanks to its consumer friendly price, among other things.


Time Magazine explains:

In order to access the most cutting-edge virtual reality, people typically have to shell out thousands of dollars–not just for a headset (like the $800 HTC Vive), but for a computer that’s powerful enough to support it. Sony’s PlayStation VR, by contrast, is designed to work with a console that millions of people already own: the PlayStation 4.

This is obviously sidestepping the fact that you have to have already payed for a PS4 and a PlayStation camera in order to get the PSVR up and running. Oh and you’ll also probably need the move controllers. And games to play.

Anyway, the PSVR sits alongside some other interested gadgets and gizmos on the list, including self tying shoelaces and Vape Pens. You can check out the full list of 25 on Time’s website here.

Sony have invested heavily in the luxurious gadget and as of October, have said that the product is “on target” as far as sales are concerned.

Whether it’ll have the staying power Sony hope for remains to be seen, but certainly being included on the prestigious list won’t hurt it any.