PT Inspired Horror Game Allison Road Has Been Cancelled


Allison Road, the promising first-person horror game often billed as the spiritual successor to PT has been canceled.

Developer Lilith Ltd shared the bad news on the Allison Road Twitter account, posting the below message:

Considering Allison Road was to follow in the footsteps of PT – which was itself nothing more than a promising glimpse of a horror game we’ll lever see – you could be forgiven for thinking this kind of project is cursed.

The title started off as a Kickstarter project in 2015, aiming to fill the horror void that Konami left when they cancelled Silent Hills.

It wasn’t long after that the crowdfunding campaign was abandoned and the development team signed a publishing deal with Worms developer Team17.

The plan was to get Allison Road out on PC before the end of 2016, with console ports to follow soon after.

It’s fair to say that we’ve lost a game that had the potential to be truly special. Even the prototype footage was gorgeous, and absolutely dripping with atmosphere – check it out below.

Hopefully we’ll get a clearer view of what went down when Lilith release their statement. Till then, we can all pray that some kind of crowdfunded release still isn’t entirely beyond the realms of possibility.