PUBG Reportedly Coming To PS4 In December


PUBG – the game that kicked off the current battle royale craze that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – will finally hit PlayStation 4 in December, according to new reports. 

Eurogamer has confirmed that comments made by video game analyst Daniel Ahmad do indeed hold water. Ahmad took to ResetEra to claim that Brendan Greene’s battle royale will in fact come to Sony’s console next month.

The impending arrival of the game on PlayStation 4 has been assumed for a while now. I think we were all aware the game would hit the console eventually, but a recent leak via the Korean ratings board, and Sony’s own servers hiding PUBG images pretty much spoiled that surprise.

In other PlayerUnknown news, it seems Microsoft has something big planned for the XO18 event, which is scheduled for this Saturday (November 10).

Of course, as Eurogamer points out, we can probably assume this big news won’t be the game on PS4. Microsoft announcing that would surely mean Hell has finally frozen over.

For now, remember that these reports are still unconfirmed by Sony and PUBG Corp… but it’d be very, very surprising indeed if they didn’t turn out to be true at this point.