Quake Champions Announced With Brutal First Trailer


Giddy from their success with the DOOM reboot, Bethesda took to E3 to further please fans of awesome 90’s FPS games with the reveal of Quake Champions. 

Released back in 1996 for PC, the original Quake was a frenetic shooter developed by id Software. Champions is being developed by id too (they also nailed the DOOM reboot), so it’s a safe bet that Champions will stay true to what makes the franchise so awesome.


Id studio director Tim Willets – co-designer of the original Quake – said that the game is “designed for world class e-sports play at any level”.

Quake III was arguably one of the first major e-sports titles, but Quake Champions is looking to shake up the formula a little bit, allowing players to select from different classes.

Think Quake meets Overwatch and you’ve got the right idea. Probably. It’s kind of hard to gauge what exactly this game is gonna be like, since the trailer (while lovely) is entirely cinematic and doesn’t really give anything away.

Willets at least confirmed that we can expect Quake Champions to be a high-speed multiplayer-focused game with unlocked framerates.

Bethesda will also be supporting and expanding competitive leagues – more details of which will be shared at Quakefest in August.