Rainbow Six Seige Teases Future, Global Themed DLC


The first Rainbow Six expansion (Operation Black Ice) was set around the fair country of Canada. It seems that future DLC will pursue a worldly theme, with individual DLC packs focusing on different parts of the world.

The news comes from Ubisoft’s annual Investor Day presentation, and we’ve even got the slides to prove it.

If you’re not great with flags the image below may well scare and confuse you. A USA themed expansion is next up for Rainbow Six, that’s set for a Q2 release. After that we’ll get to see Brazil in Q3, and take a trip to Japan in Q4.

Specific names and release dates for the planned DLC aren’t being shared just yet, but this is at least something to brood on while we wait.

Operation Black Ice was released at the start of February, and introduced a new map set on a yacht, as well as two new operator characters with their own unique skills.

It’s probably a safe bet to assume that the future DLC will take on a similar structure, with themes, maps and characters befitting the specified countries.