Rainbow Six Siege Cheaters Facing Hard Justice From Ubisoft


Naughty Rainbow Six Siege players will soon be facing justice, as Ubisoft has announced it will begin banning cheaters that have been using software to cheat in online multiplayer. 

In a post on the Ubisoft forums, the company explained that its new BattlEye feature has ‘been tracking various cheating software’ since it was put into effect – and now Ubisoft will use this info to weed out the offending players.

Ubisoft wrote:

Since its launch, BattlEye has been tracking various cheating software that cheaters have been running in Rainbow Six Siege, but it has not been actively banning. Starting today we are going to begin banning players who have been detected by BattlEye, starting with several waves of players that have been identified by BattlEye since its integration.

Since cheating software can adapt to avoid detection, Ubisoft will work to continuously update BattleEye and keep on top of cheaters.

This isn’t the first time that Ubisoft has promised harsh retribution for players that try to cheat in online multiplayer titles – back when The Division launched, the company warned that cheaters could face permanent bans from the game.

Between this, and Blizzard’s no-nonsense approach towards Overwatch cheaters, it seems that cheating in videogames is harder than ever before.

So maybe we should all just play properly and get on with our lives? Crazy suggestion, I know – but it’s worth a shot.