Rare Replay Tops UK Gaming Charts After Developer’s Seventeen Year Lull


Rare have been M.I.A for over 17 years, last hitting the top of the UK charts in 1998 with Banjo Kazooie on the Nintendo 64. Now in 2015, they’re at it again with Rare Replay.

Banjo Kazooie is one of the 30 games included in Rare Replay, a retro gaming arcade of all Rare’s classic releases. Not happy with hitting the top of the UK charts, Rare Replay has also taken two more accolades; it’s the Xbox One’s first exclusive title to hit the top spot (Titanfall hit the top spot too, but was a release for the PC) and the first budget title to hit top the charts since Wii Fit Plus back in 2009.

Rare have been planning something of a come back this year with the release of Rare Replay, and their new IP coming exclusively to, you guessed it, Xbox One and Windows 10. Sea of Thieves is an open-world, pirate themed multiplayer first shown off at this year’s E3, which Microsoft think is going to be Rare’s best game yet. They’ve a long way to go to beat the likes of Banjo Kazooie and Goldeneye, but we’ll know more as the year goes on.

Rare Replay is available exclusively on Xbox One now for £19.99.