Ratchet & Clank Gets Last Minute Patch To Block Spoilers


So here’s something you might not have known – if you release a game based on a film weeks before the film, there’s a chance you could spoil the film for yourselves and others. Who knew?

Granted, the new Ratchet & Clank film/game is a re-imagining of the first game in the series. As such, there won’t be many surprises for old fans. However, there are bound to be kids out there who have yet to experience the joyous franchise, so think of the children, won’t you?

Sony certainly have, but it looks like they very nearly forgot to. A patch was deployed to the game at around 3AM GMT this morning (April 13), a few hours before the game goes on sale in America.

The majority of in-game cinematics are fine to stream, but towards the end of the adventure when you get into what one might consider spoiler territory, the usual PlayStation “streaming blocked” message will appear.

Of course, a lot of streamers use capture cards and as such won’t be beholden to the laws of the PS4. To be honest, if you really don’t want the film or game spoiled for you in any way, just stay away from the streams. Seems pretty obvious, really.