RDR2 Fans Are Freaking Out After Working Out Who Jack Marston’s Real Dad Might Be


Just who is Jack Marston’s dad in Red Dead Redemption? On the face of it, the obvious answer is that lil Jack sprang from John Marston’s loins, but the internet has another theory – and it’s blown my mind. 

In Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2, we’re clearly supposed to believe that Jack is the offspring of John and Abigail. While no one questions Abigail is indeed the mother, suspicions have been raised as to who the real father is.


So if it’s not John, then who is it? Given the obvious attraction Arthur Morgan and Abigail share in RDR2, you might assume that Jack was Arthur’s secret child, but the good people of Reddit have in fact speculated that Jack’s real father is none other than Javier Escuella.

Let’s examine the evidence. Before Abigail joined the crew, she worked as prostitute, and would often sleep with all members of the gang, including – we can assume – Javier, something which is lent further credence when Javier asks John: “Did Abigail miss me?”

Of course, this simple taunt from Javier might not mean anything, but as Dutch himself tastefully puts it: “We all had her, but John married her.” Thanks for that, Dutch.


Finally, as Arthur says to Jack during their fishing trip in RDR2: “You don’t look much like a Marston… maybe a Williamson or an Escuella.”

Again, Arthur might not have meant anything by this, but given everything else, perhaps Arthur knew more than he was letting on regarding Jack’s true parentage.

If that’s not enough for you, just take a look at the grown up Jack Marston from Red Dead Redemption when compared to Javier. It’s uncanny.


I don’t know about you, but I’m honestly convinced now that Javier is Jack Marston’s real dad. Of course, one Redditor pointed out that because Jack has John’s hat, John must be the father, so there’s that deeply compelling bit of evidence that has yet to refuted.

Until then, that concludes this week’s old West edition of The Jeremy Kyle Show.