‘Real Life Mario Kart’ Racing Experience Coming To The UK

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People can soon become the embodiment of their favourite Mario Kart characters and take to the tracks in an amazing new racing experience which is heading to the UK. 

Mario Kart is a timeless game that never fails to be fun no matter how many times you’ve played it. Never has such competitiveness come out of a game that is full of colourful, charming characters, with players coming up with strategies and tactics to make sure they’re the first one over the finish line.

Well, that competitiveness can now be brought into the 3d world, because this is as close to real life Mario Kart can get.

Check it out here:

Posted by Mushroom Rally on Friday, 24 August 2018

While you can’t exactly throw turtle shells or banana skins to spin your opponents off their game, The Mushroom Rally go karting allows you to dress up as your favourite character and have more control than ever on the race course – that means no falling into oblivion on Rainbow Road!

So whether you’re a pristine Princess Peach, a rowdy Bowser, a classic Mario, or even a character from a different franchise altogether, you can get involved and try to drive your way to victory.

You might not be able to fight as dirty, but the course does have its bonuses, allowing you to collect stars to win prizes as you race!

Don't miss out on your chance to win! There are serious prizes waiting for you at the finish line!Tickets on sale at https://www.mushroomrally.com/

Posted by Mushroom Rally on Saturday, 1 September 2018

The Mushroom Rally website explains:

Have you ever wanted to race against your favourite characters while collecting stars to win amazing prizes? Go Karting with a twist will be headed to a city near you soon!

A unique experience that combines your favourite characters, friends and new friends for a driving experience that will take you back in time.

The brilliant race tracks will be situated in eight lucky cities around the UK, so if you live in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, London, Sheffield or Newcastle, start practising your steering skills as one of the courses will only be ‘a mushroom burst away’.

Each city will have a track with its own unique shape and length, so if you’re really dedicated you could tour them all and make it your own Mario Kart cup challenge.

If you manage to win that coveted first place, you’ll take your place on a podium with the second and third place winners and receive your prize, which you’ll be able to treasure forever with no fear of it getting lost if the data doesn’t save.

ATTENTION ALL RACERS!Have you ever wanted to race against your favourite characters while collecting stars to win…

Posted by Mushroom Rally on Thursday, 30 August 2018

Tickets will no doubt be in high demand, so get them while you can here.

I think there’ll be some serious competition taking place on those tracks!

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