Red Dead Online Is Getting An Interesting Christmassy Update


Rockstar Games has subtly snuck in a few cool Christmas-themed changes to Red Dead Online to celebrate this magical time of year. 

It’s nothing huge, so don’t expect to see Santa hats and candy cane guns start to appear in the game or anything like that, but it’s enough to acknowledge the festive period in a way that doesn’t break the game’s excellent sense of immersion.

red dead redemption characters dancingRockstar Games

As you walk into any of the game’s saloons on your travels for the next few weeks, you’ll find that the usual honkey tonk tunes that the NPCs play have been replaced by a series of period authentic Christmas carols.

This cool update was first spotted by Redditor SkeptaPurple, so if you fancy hearing old West takes on hits like Silent Night, Joy to the World, and Good King Wencelas, just boot up Red Dead Online and head to your nearest saloon.

Alternatively, you can just check out the video below for a mashup of all the Christmas songs discovered in-game so far.

It’s great that Rockstar are committed to delivering cool little updates like this, especially since the Online mode is still in beta.

It also holds true to the studio’s promise that they aim to deliver consistent tweaks and changes to the game to ensure everything stays balanced, fair, and fun to play.