Red Dead Online Players Are Organising Actual Fight Clubs In-Game

Rockstar Games

The first rule of Red Dead Online Fight Club is this: You must tell as many people as possible. It’s a really rather fun game, and the more people that know, the more can get involved. 

Perhaps inevitably for a game that has its fair share of drunken bar brawls, Red Dead Online players have started banding together and organising their very own digital fisticuffs. It’s like that movie where they start a Fight Club. I forget what it’s called.


These fight clubs started life as random brawls which would escalate until some sneaky player pulled a gun and ruined the whole thing, but this gave players the idea to start official fights, with actual rules and regulations – such as don’t shoot your opponent in the face with a rifle.

These competitions take place in areas that aren’t terribly easy to get to so as to discourage griefers from storming in and ruining it, so expect to find these bouts in basements or on rooftops.

Brilliantly, some players are actually hiring bouncers in-game to keep out the riff-raff. I honestly adore how Red Dead Online is still in beta, but the community has come up with something like this.

If you’re interested on getting in on one of the Red Dead Fight Clubs scattered across the map, head over to the game’s Reddit, where you’ll find plenty of players organising new fights all the time, as well as laying down the rules.

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