Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Are Turning Up Clues Everywhere

by : Ewan Moore on : 15 Mar 2017 09:23

Is there a more anticipated game in the entire world right now than Red Dead Redemption 2?


Fans have been waiting years to get back into Rockstar’s masterfully crafted take on the Wild West, and a core of dedicated fans are hard at work turning up clues to the game’s story everywhere.

Obviously there are potential spoilers to follow, so if you want to go in to the game completely blind when it releases in a few months, don’t read on below the trailer.

Still here? Okay, so fans have gathered mounting evidence pointing to the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 will in fact be a prequel, based on IMDB listings, casting calls, and Facebook friend lists.


The general consensus is that this prequel will focus on John Marston and his merry band of thieves before they all split up.

There’s plenty of great discussion over on the GTA forums, but I’ve taken some of the more interesting bits of ‘evidence’ for your consideration.

For example, one fan discovered an actor’s CV, in which he claims to have done mo-cap for Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2. Given that Dutch died in the first game, we have some solid prequel theory support – but it gets better (or maybe just weirder).

On March 8, one fan was excited to learn a bunch of voice actors from Red Dead Redemption were following each other on Twitter. Quite the lead.

Then, earlier this week, the fans decided to start working out who will and won’t be in the game based on who the cast are friends with on Facebook. I think we’re about a week away from one overzealous fan rummaging through the bins outside the Rockstar HQ.

It’s all just a bit of fun of course, and proof that Red Dead is a great franchise that inspires real dedication. Who knows? They might even turn up something huge soon.

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