Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets Exciting New Details, Here’s What We Know



I think it’s fair to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably the most hotly anticipated title of 2017 for many a gamer, and we’ll all eagerly hoover up whatever info we can get between now and release date.

Thankfully, publisher Take-Two has shared some exciting new insight into the sequel. CEO Strauss Zelnick recently spoke at an MKM Partners event, where he discussed the reaction to the reveal – and teased what we can expect down the road.

On the subject of the jubilant fan reaction to the game’s announcement in back in October, Zelnick said that he was ‘not shocked’, but ‘very pleased’.


He then pointed out that the game’s stylish announcement trailer has managed to gather way more views than the company expected.

The executive also discussed why now, in 2016, the time is right to return to the world of Red Dead Redemption, six years after its predecessor took the world by storm.

He explained:

The conventional wisdom was of course that a western wouldn’t work. We took a different point of view, which is that very occasionally westerns capture the imagination of the public. When we launched Red Dead, it did. And those times were right for that. And I think the times are right for a big, sprawling, optimistic view of America again–and that’s not meant to be cute.

Finally, Zelnick teased that Red Dead Redemption 2 will offer ‘incredible emotional depth’, ‘great story elements’ and ‘great gameplay elements’.

We also know that the sequel will have a big focus on multiplayer, but it’s not yet clear exactly what this means. Expect to find out for sure when the game launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Autumn 2017.