Red Dead Redemption 2 Has A 3GB Day One Patch

New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer ReleasedRockstar

Happy Red Dead Redemption 2 day, y’all. That’s cowboy speak for “you all”, by the way – that’s just one of the new things I’ve learned playing Rockstar’s massive new game. 

Obviously, anyone who’s picked the game up either digitally or physically will be aware that it has a pretty damn hefty install that’s bound to have impatient gamers biting their fingernails and counting down the hours till they can finally play

Unfortunately, Rockstar has released a 3GB Day One patch on top of this. This patch is entirely optional of course, and if you can’t wait you’re more than welcome to jump into the game without it.

Of course, Rockstar “strongly recommends” you install the patch before playing so that you can have the rootinest, tootinest Wild West experience possible.

The patch includes a number of last minute bug fixes and general tweaks, so it’s probably worth waiting the extra hour or so it’ll take to get it installed before you finally loose yourself upon Red Dead Redemption 2’s fulsome world.

If you really can’t wait, you can always play a version of Red Dead Redemption 2 that we now know for sure has bugs and glitches in it somewhere, which is always a much more fun experience in my opinion.