Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Are Dedicated To Finding Gavin

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game full of intriguing mysteries, but I would argue none have grabbed the global consciousness in quite the same way as the fate of Gavin. 

For those that might not have come across this particular encounter yet, Gavin is a charming English chap who’s managed to get himself good and lost in the game’s massive open world.

At least, that’s what we’re led to believe by Gavin’s mate Nigel, as not one player has actually managed to locate the missing Brit yet.

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Players can find Nigel all over Red Dead Redemption 2. The boater-wearing friend appears to be wandering all over the Wild West calling out for his buddy Gavin.

Approaching Nigel to speak with him will reveal that he and Gavin got separated, and now he’s nowhere to be found. While the good-hearted Arthur Morgans among us might be willing to lend a hand, all the game lets you do is explain to Nigel that you haven’t seen his friend, leaving him to skulk off, desperately calling out for Gavin. It’s a love story for the ages

While the game’s resistance to provide some kind of clear mission to find Gavin would suggest that the Brit isn’t meant to be found and we should all move on, this has only encouraged players to double down on their belief that he is out there somewhere.

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The Red Dead Redemption subreddit is of course the best place to go to join in on the hunt for Gavin, as players share their own theories and progress (or lack thereof).

Some have speculated that Nigel might have multiple personalities, and one of them is Gavin. Some are convinced Gavin is a dog or a horse, while some are now sure Gavin definitely isn’t meant to be found because his character isn’t listed in the game’s credits.

The more trigger-happy Red Dead Redemption 2 players out there have opted to simply murder Nigel in an attempt to get answers. Interestingly, looting his body turns up a letter from a chap named Tom, who praises Gavin and Nigel for their success in the States as millionaire cowboys.

While the letter doesn’t point directly to the location of the enigmatic Gavin, there are references to Nigel and Gavin’s parents (which debunks the split personality theory), and mention of a man named Brian Gold, who’s been saying ‘odd things’ about Nigel.

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Could Brian Gold hold the key to Gavin’s whereabouts? Is Gavin a commentary on the obsessive nature of internet culture? Is Gavin secretly Lenny? We’ll find out the answers to none of these questions and less very soon.

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