Red Dead Redemption Backwards Compatibility For Xbox One Leaked


There was a pretty nice surprise for Xbox One users over the weekend. For a few hours, anyone who owned a digital copy of Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360 was able to download and play the Xbox One backwards compatible version. 

Red Dead has been long requested for Xbox One’s backwards compatible service – and going from the leak, it would seem fans will be getting their wish.

One trick to nabbing the game involved going through a friend’s profile who had “followed” the game. You could then get to the Red Dead store page and start downloading. Before you sprint from work to give this a go though, we should note that the leak has now been plugged, and you’ll have to wait for the official release (whenever that is).

Red Dead Redemption wasn’t the only game that you could have gotten hold of this weekend though.  Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo Wars, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 all managed to find their way to where they shouldn’t have been.

Microsoft spokesman  Larry Hryb said:

All 360 games are tested through an emulator for quality. Due to an error, games in test were temp available. Apologies.

Since they were only being tested, there’s obviously no guarantee that we’ll be seeing all of these games come to Xbox One. At the very least, it seems pretty likely we can expect a few of them in the coming weeks.