Red Dead Revolver Could Come To PS4 Soon



In what can only be described as ‘not the Red Dead news you were hoping for’, it seems that Red Dead Revolver – the PS2 game that started it all – will be coming to PS4. 

But before you get your hopes up any more, this wouldn’t be a remaster or remake – simply an upscaled port, like The Warriors or Manhunt.


It should also be noted that at this point, it’s nothing more than a rumour, based on a listing for Red Dead Revolver that went live on Australia’s PlayStation Store (cheers, Wario64)

The listing (which you can see below) shows a release date of September 13 and a price of 22.95 AUD (about £13).

The listing has since been removed, and there’s been no official word yet, so what’s actually going on is anyone’s guess.

If the intended launch date is indeed September 13, then we’ll know one way or the other very soon whether or not this leak is legit.

It’d certainly be a cool opportunity for fans of Red Dead Redemption who missed the original game the first time around, and a good way to remind everyone that a new Red Dead game is out there somewhere.

For its part, parent company Take-Two suggested a few months back developer Rockstar are working on some big new projects, but that we won’t see them till April 2017 at the earliest.