Relive Fallout: New Vegas As A YouTube ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Game


Considering the videogame RPG probably killed off the classic “choose your own adventure” books for a lot of people, it’s ironic that a fan has used Fallout: New Vegas to create one of his very own on YouTube.

Obsidian’s nuclear wasteland based open world adventure has been turned into a series of bitesize romps by YouTuber Many A True Nerd, as you head down the game’s main story (with many sidequests leading to death).

As is the way of a “choose your own adventure”, you’re asked to make a choice at the end of each video. The first part starts with you waking up in bed. Apparently you’ve been shot, and it’s up to you to have a word with the townsfolk to find out who did it.

You can begin your own adventure in the video below – but choose wisely.

What with this being the internet, you don’t even need to use bookmarks or a pen and paper to take down complicated notes on your stats and current status. Thanks internet. We love you.