Resident 2 Remake Three Times More Popular Than Resi 7 On Steam Right Now


Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake is absolutely killing it on Steam right now. The latest entry in the survival horror franchise currently has over three times the number of players Resident Evil 7 managed. 

The good folk of Reddit, pointed out that the excellent remake has a current all-time peak of 74,227, which is almost four times more than the 20,449 Resident Evil 7 had when it launched back in 2017.


The Resident Evil 2 “one shot” demo released by Capcom at the start of January was probably a good early indication of the game’s current success. That too, managed to bring in some big numbers on Steam that vastly outperformed the Resident Evil 7 demo.

Not that Resident Evil 7 is a bad game, mind you. I’d hate for you to think that’s what I’m getting at. In fact, I’d say the combined might of Resi 7 and the Resi 2 remake have managed to usher in a new golden age for the iconic survival horror franchise after years of mediocrity.

It really is heart-warming to see such an influential series return to form with such flair, and I expect whenever exact sales numbers are released across all platforms, Capcom will be very happy indeed.

The fact is, Resident Evil 2 has done far more to attract players. I guess we can put it down to a stellar marketing campaign from Capcom, a stunning demo, and the obvious fact that it’s a remake of a 20 year old PlayStation classic that has a built-in devoted fanbase.

In our own review, we awarded the remake seriously high marks, calling it an easy new high for the series, even if it did brown our collective UNILAD Gaming trousers more times than I’d care to mention.