Resident Evil 2 Is ‘A New Entry In The Series’, Not Just A Remake


It can’t have escaped your attention that the Resident Evil 2 remake doesn’t exactly look or play very much like the original game at all. 

In fact, it turns out the the remake of the beloved 1998 survival horror is so different, that Capcom aren’t considering it a remake at all. Rather, they’ve decided Resident Evil 2 is a brand new entry in the series. That’s not gonna get confusing at all.


IGN recently spoke to producers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tsuyoshi Kanda about the Resident Evil 2 remake (that definitely isn’t a remake but kind of is) during their TGS livestream.

They discussed their thoughts on the forthcoming title, and how they see it as a new entry more than anything. They confirmed that their work on Resident Evil 7 was instrumental in the development of Resi 2 – both games use Capcom’s RE Engine, which was first used for Resi 7. 

Kanda explained the feedback from Resident Evil 7 was key:

RE Engine is a great engine for trial and error, so our experience with previous titles using the same engine has greatly enhanced the new Resident Evil 2.

For anyone who’s seen gameplay of this new and improved Resident Evil 2 in action, then you’ll know it is absolutely far more than just another remake. During our own hands-on time across E3 and Gamescom, we were astounded by the level of detail – zombies are more realistic than ever, with your every shot affecting the undead based on where you hit them, and small bits of gore and viscera skimming off them as you fire.

Needless to say, it’s shaping up to be a very impressive entry in the series – but those worried that all these new bells and whistles are going to detract from that classic Resi 2 experience they grew up with needn’t be concerned.

Kanda told IGN that while certain plot elements have been altered slightly, this is still Raccoon city, and that same terrifying atmosphere will persist throughout the game.

While creating a truly fresh Resi experience that can stand up in its own right is an important consideration for Kanda and Hirabayashi, they did confirm that “keeping things Resident Evil” is priority number one, explaining that they were keen to avoid the game turning into another generic third person shooter.

Great news, I’m sure we can all agree, because Resident Evil 6 was absolute kak for exactly that reason.

Resident Evil 2 – the remake that isn’t a remake – launches January 25 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.