Resident Evil 2 Mod Swaps Mr X For Nemesis


There are all kinds of weird and wonderful mods for the PC version of the Resident Evil 2 remake flying around at the moment, but  a new one that swaps out Mr X for the monstrous Nemesis is definitely worthy of you attention. 

For those that might not be aware, Nemesis is the hulking antagonist of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (funnily enough) similar to Mr X, it’s a mutant monster specifically designed to eliminate all surviving STARS members, and spends most of Resi 3 stalking Jill Valentine through Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 3Capcom

While a Resident Evil 3 remake is reportedly in development at Capcom in light of the huge success of Resi 2, if you just can’t wait to relive the 1999 survival horror, this new mod from Resident Evil forum user ZERO and YouTuber BeastGamingHD should scratch your itch.

The character model for Nemesis isn’t quite perfect, but it’s still a damn scary update on the blocky PlayStation One version of Nemesis. I’d also argue that the more obviously monstrous Nemesis is a more terrifying sight than Mr X when it’s striding purposefully down the hall towards you to pop your head like a zit.

It also swaps in the old audio cues from Resident Evil 3, which is a very nice touch. Check the mod out in action in the video below.

Now all we need is for someone to mod Jill Valentine into the game and we’ll have a pretty solid tribute to Resi 3 while we wait for Capcom to officially announce its next remake.

In the meantime, other Resi 2 mods you should check out include a Dino Crisis tribute, X Gon’ Give It To Yaand one that thrillingly puts Mr X in a thong and flip flops, for reasons I’ve yet to fully understand.