Resident Evil 2 Player Stats Show We’ve Already Killed A Ton Of Zombies


The (really rather bloody fantastic) Resident Evil 2 remake has been out for a week now, and Capcom has been busy collecting all sorts of fascinating data on player stats so far. 

Before you start to worry about Capcom violating your privacy, be aware that it has only collected data from those who opted into to the game’s tracking feature. Oh, and if you’ve yet to play the game we’ll be discussing some (very mild) spoilers going forward. You’ve been warned.

According to the official website, it turns out rookie Cop Leon S Kennedy is overwhelmingly the popular choice when it comes to which character players decided to start the game with. He bagged 79% of players, leaving Claire Redfield with a measly 21%.

As it turns out though, Claire boasts a much higher kill-death rate than rookie Leon, which makes sense if most people started their second playthrough with Claire already knowing the best way to put a zombie down and not get their face chewed off in the process.

In terms of general monster slaying stats, it looks like we’ve been a bunch of busy, bloodthirsty little beavers. In the space of a week, players have collectively put down nearly 175 million monsters worldwide – that’s almost equal to the combined populations of the UK and Japan.

I’m not entirely sure why Capcom decided to put those statistics in such alarmingly real terms, but they also revealed how many more zombies need to fall before we’ve killed the population of the USA. We’ve a ways to go yet, as you can see below.

Capcom will continue to update these stats as players continue to creep around the corridors of RPD. I’m looking forward to seeing how it tracks just how many people had a complete emotional breakdown when trying to move those bloody bookshelves with Mr X breathing down their necks.