Resident Evil 2 Remake Free DLC Lands Today, Here’s What We Get


By now I’m sure most of you intrepid zombie killers have explored every inch of Resident Evil 2 as both Leon and Claire, played through the two bonus modes, and are hungry for some survival horror action. 

If that’s the case, I’ve got some wonderful news for you. Capcom has announced that the free Ghost SurvivorsDLC is available to download and enjoy from today (February 15).

“What’s in it?” I hear you cry. Check the barricades, make sure there are no zombies in your cupboards, sit down, and I’ll tell you.


Ghost Survivors is pretty much the same as the 4th Survivor mode that could be unlocked after beating the main game, in that it highlights a number of different characters and charts their struggles to escape Raccoon City without a zombie taking a chunk of their face.

Unlike the 4th survivor, Ghost Survivor tells three non canon stories of Raccoon City residents who never actually survived the outbreak. In fact, you can actually find evidence that all three of these characters die during the events of the main game.

The first of these three new survivor stories stars Robert Kendo, the owner of the gun shop and star of that tragic scene in the main game. I won’t spoil it here, but if you know, you know.

Called No Time To Mourn, this mini story sees Kendo who head out onto Raccoon City’s streets with some of his finest stock in an attempt to escape. The big twist is that there’s a new type of poisonous zombie loose.

The second story is called Runaway, and follows Katherine Warren (the daughter of Raccoon City’s mayor). In this adventure, Katherine has to sneakily make it safety while avoiding a new, mutated zombie that can only be put down with a special type of ammo.

The third and final story is called Forgotten Soldier, follows Ghost. This mode plays a lot like the 4th Survivor mode, as the U.S.S. agent fights against the aftermath of the outbreak in an attempt to find safety.

These modes have been described as “what if” scenarios for some of the more unfortunate citizens of Raccoon City. While they met grisly fates in the main game, this is a chance for you to give them some kind of happy ending.

It’s also a chance to play more Resident Evil 2, so win win really.