Resident Evil 2 Remake Ghost Survivors DLC Date announced


The blood is barely dry on our infected zombie bites, and Capcom have decided to spoil us by announcing their totally free Ghost Survivors DLC. Wonderful.

Yes indeedy, the new content will allow you to play some alternate reality “what if” situations, in which some of the decidedly more dead residents of Raccoon City get a crack at being survivors.

In No Time To Mourn, you’ll play as Robert Kendo, the gun shop owner with a heartbreaking story; in Runaway you hop into the shoes of the Raccoon Mayor’s daughter (and Chief Irons’ victim) Katherine Warren; and Forgotten Soldier has you trying to survive as a USS soldier.


And the best part is that we don’t even have to wait that long before we’ll be trudging through the halls of the Raccoon City police department again, as the DLC will be dropping on February 15th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


If you haven’t played the Resident Evil 2 Remake yet, why are you reading this article? But also, go ahead and check out our review, where we scored the game a whopping 9/10, calling it a new high water mark for the series.

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