Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Some Cool Dead Rising Easter Eggs


The recently released Resident Evil 2 remake might well be dominating the spare time of gamers everywhere right now, but a few cool Easter eggs tucked away in Capcom’s outstanding survival horror shows the developer hasn’t forgotten about its other zombie slaying franchise. 

I’m of course talking about the (mostly) excellent Dead Rising franchise, which is essentially the Zombieland to Resident Evil’s Dawn of the Dead, in that it’s a much less serious affair that lets you do crazy stuff like beat a zombie to death with a stuffed doll with knives strapped to it.

Let’s see rookie cop Leon Kennedy do that.

Anyway, there are two little references in particular we spotted while exploring the zombie infested Raccoon City. The first is a flyer that can be found posted in a shop window, one that’s advertising the freelance photography talents of a Mr Frank East.

Those who played the original Dead Rising will of course know that the first game in the series starred a photojournalist called Frank West, so this is an obvious reference to tease that an alternate reality Frank is around somewhere in the Resi universe.

The second reference is actually a reference to moment in Dead Rising that was itself a reference to the first Resident Evil. I said reference a lot just now, I’m aware of that.

In Dead Rising, you could come across a store called Jill’s Sandwiches, which is a callback to the infamous “Jill Sandwich” line in Resident Evil. In the Resi 2 remake, you can find various flyers advertising that very sandwich store.


It’s great to see Capcom paying homage to Dead Rising in subtle ways like this, but I’d much rather have myself a brand new game in the series. If I’m being really greedy, I’ll take a Resident Evil/Dead Rising crossover.

For now at least, it’s good to know Capcom hasn’t quite cast the ridiculous adventures of Frank West from it heart yet.