Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Scrapped Ideas Are Horrifying

by : Mark Foster on : 04 Mar 2019 13:31

Capcom really knocked it out of the park with 2019’s Resident Evil 2 remake, and they’ve been chatting about the bits and bobs that had to be cut from the final game.


In a recent video posted to the Resident Evil YouTube channel, some members of the development team discuss a few of the ideas that didn’t end up seeing the light of day.

These include Easter Eggs, Mr X’s clothes, extended boss fights and even a terrifying new enemy.

The enemy in question would have been called the ‘Condemned’ and would have served as a jump-scare enemy, ready to frighten the pants off you in the Orphanage section of the game.


You can see the design below is every bit as nope as you might imagine:


Other new gameplay ideas involved the use of a fixed camera perspective and a first-person
perspective, but they were aborted since the over-the-shoulder camera used in the final game was
considered the best.

Personally, I’d love to see Capcom release the classic fixed camera angles as some free content further down the line to give us those beautiful nostalgic chills.

Resident Evil Scrapped IdeasResident Evil Scrapped IdeasCapcom
Resident Evil 2 Scrapped IdeasResident Evil 2 Scrapped IdeasCapcom

The full video is definitely worth checking out if you’ve got the time, as it gives a wonderful insight into what it’s like behind the scenes of a major new game release.

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