Resident Evil 4 Coming To PS4/Xbox One, Here’s When


Resident Evil 4 is often regarded as one of the finest games ever made, and one of the high points for the Resident Evil franchise. 

Great news then, as Capcom has now announced on its blog that the classic horror/adventure will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One August 30 – Huzzar!

The re-release of the 2005 title will include all the bonus content from the original game (such as New Game +), along with the excellent Mercenaries mode, and other features added in to later versions of the game (like HD up-scaling).

Resident Evil 5 and are already available through PS4/Xbox One, but the less said about those games the better.

For those who missed it the first time around, Resident Evil 4 changed the iconic horror series in a big way, by shifting to an over the shoulder camera and putting more of a focus on action.

But where Resident Evil 5 and perhaps (definitely) put a little too much of emphasis on action packed set pieces, still knew when to hold back and ramp up the horror.

Hopefully Resident Evil 7 changes up the franchise once again – with its first person perspective and pared back approach to survival horror, it’s certainly looking like another exciting new chapter for Resi. 

But Resident Evil 7 won’t be with us till January 24, 2017. Till then, I recommend you check out the fourth entry, as it’s an absolute blast, and if you’ve already played it – play it again.