Resident Evil 4 Player Kills Chainsaw Guy Using… A Door

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Resident Evil 4 Player Kills Chainsaw Guy Using... A DoorCapcom

Resident Evil 4 is a brutal, brilliant game that throws all manner of twisted enemies in your path. From infected, pitchfork-wielding villagers to horrific genetically mutated monsters, a new nightmare waits around every corner. 

Among this gallery of ghouls out for blood in Resident Evil 4, there’s one that remains the most iconic – and feared. Before the first hour of the game is done, you’ll come across a villager wearing a sack on his head and armed with a chainsaw.


Like all the best movie serial killers, chainsaw guy (AKA Doctor Salvador) just keeps coming until you’ve absolutely riddled him with bullets. Even if a shotgun blast to the face floors him, there’s a chance he’ll jump back up and attempt to part your head from your shoulders. There are multiple chainsaw-wielding, sack wearing foes in Resi 4, and they’re all terrifying.

Every single time you hear the distant rumble of a chainsaw starting up, you know something bad is about to go down. If you’re like me, you’ll immediately switch to your biggest guns just to get the encounter over and done as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, you could be like YouTuber Dante Ravioli and take down Doctor Salvador using nothing more than… a door. If you’ve played Resident Evil 4, you’ll know that kicking open a door will do damage to any enemy unlucky enough to be right on the other side, and Ravioli’s channel is all about testing crazy theories and ideas in games (thanks, Kotaku).


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While Ravioli assumed he’d be able to kick the door open on Salvador at least once, he assumed managing to do it enough times to kill him before getting brutally murdered himself would be impossible.

Incredibly, the YouTuber was able to successfully lure Salvador towards a building, and run inside. Using the sound of the chainsaw as an audio cue, Ravioli would wait until he was sure is foe was on the other side, before busting it open and dealing damage.

He was able to repeat this process a handful of times, essentially beating the good doctor to death with the door. Nasty way to go. It took 30 minutes in total, including a few false starts. You can watch the successful 14 minute attempt below.


Amazingly, Ravioli has killed more than one boss using only a door in Resident Evil 4. He also managed to successfully slay the Verdugo using nothing but his wits and a slab of wood, and you can watch that here.

I’m not entirely sure why he he thought to embark on this particular journey, but as a Resi 4 fan, I see it as a real public service.

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