Resident Evil 7 Datamine Reveals Returning Character


Well, I’m sure we all knew this was coming. The Resident Evil 7 demo has been cracked into by dataminers, and we now have pretty much all the info on the game we could possibly want. 

Seriously, I’m talking all the weapons, a number of bosses, and even a potential returning character.

I can’t stress this enough: Major spoilers follow, do not read past the trailer if you don’t want to be spoiled. 

Still here? You filthy spoilery fiend, you. At least we can bathe in the warm milky scum of spoileryness together.

Okay, there’s a lot to go through so we may as well get started. The massive leak comes from Reddit, where they start by outlining all of the filenames they found that pertain to items that could potentially be used in-game.

It’s worth pointing out that some of these could be test items (even the Redditor responsible – Im_a_Fucking_Cereal – admits they aren’t entirely sure what they’ve found), but take a look and judge for yourself.

These potential weapons include a chainsaw, scissors, a knife, shotgun, handgun, grenade launcher, burner, candle, lighter, timebomb, liquidbomb, stimulant, and serum.

None of these sound massively out of the ordinary for a Resident Evil game to be fair… let’s move on to even more spoileriffic territory.

Further probing reveals a number of potential story spoilers. Several references have been found to something called the ‘Eveline NecroToxin’, which many believe to be Resident Evil 7’s unique virus, similar to the T-Virus and Las Plagas.

There are also references to mutated versions of the Baker family, implying we’ll eventually have to go head to head with each member of the twisted brood.

Mia Winters – your missing wife that you’re on the hunt for in Resident Evil 7 – also pops up in the files at several points. Intriguingly ‘ChooseMia’ and ‘ChooseZoe’ hint at some kind of major choice, while ‘DaughtersBadEnding’ and ‘DaughtersTrueEnding’ strongly suggest we’ll be getting multiple endings.

Finally, several files make reference to an ‘Albert’, including the file ‘LastBossGetAlbert’ – this strongly suggests that Resident Evil 7 will feature the return of series big bad Albert Wesker.

Longtime fans of the franchise will know Wesker as the shady force behind many of the nefarious events of Resident Evil. He had seemingly kicked the bucket in an earlier game, but it looks like he’s back for more fun.

Of course, there’s a chance it could be some other Albert – but really, why would Capcom do a thing like that?