Resident Evil 7 Demo’s Dummy Finger Does Hide A Secret Purpose


maxresdefaultIf you’ve played the excellent Resident Evil 7 demo, then you may have discovered the infuriatingly mysterious dummy finger. 

As they so often do, fans across the internet have been working hard to try and figure out just what the hell this strange item does in the demo – alas, no miraculous discoveries have been made.

Thankfully, Capcom has now come forward to help us all sleep at night again. They’ve said that the dummy finger does have a purpose – just not yet.

The image (above) was first shared to members of the Resident Evil Ambassador program. Redditor Your-Punk-Dad then shared it with the Resident Evil subreddit (the place to go if you want to know anything regarding the demo).

The image shows a picture of the dummy finger next to a piece of paper that says “The path for now is closed, but patience…” Obviously, this would suggest that the item will have relevance later – perhaps in the full game?

Eagle eyed fans have noticed that a calendar set to September is also hiding in the image, implying we may well find out more then.

Redditor Anfrers posted the full email, which you can see below. It doesn’t really reveal much, just that Capcom will make an official announcement soon, though it’s not clear whether the news will pertain to the demo or the full game.

All we know for sure about Resident Evil 7 right now is that it will feature traditional series’ elements, such as combat and mixing herbs. It’ll also star a “normal guy” protagonist we’ve never met before, and that the game takes place after Resident Evil 6.


You can expect the full version of Resident Evil 7 on January 24, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.