Resident Evil 7 Getting Free DLC Chapter, Here’s What We Get


Resident Evil 7 has yet to unleash itself on the world, but Capcom has already announced its intentions to release a free piece of post-game content.

Not long after the first-person survival horror launches, the developer plans to offer all gamers the free DLC sometime in the Spring.

According to Japanese publication Famitsu (as translated by Gematsu), the DLC won’t impact the main game’s protagonist Ethan, who I imagine has his own complete (and nightmarish) experience in the main game.

Instead, the DLC is called Not a Hero, and is described as a ‘short story scenario’ separate from the main game – sounds a lot like Resident Evil 4’s Ada Wong missions, which ran parallel to Leon’s adventures.

Obviously stopping at free DLC would be madness though, and Capcom has already revealed paid content such as the preorder bonus packs that unlock in-game items and things like additional difficulty modes from the start.

Those willing to roll the dice will also be glad to learn that a season pass is also on the way, which is set to include further gameplay in the form of something called Banned Footage – there are two volumes of this, and it’ll come to PS4 first.

Also teased by the game’s Steam page is at least one more story episode are on the way, though who or what it follows remains unspecified for now.

Resident Evil 7 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24. Be ready.