Resident Evil First-Person Mod Is The Stuff Of Nightmares


The original Resident Evil is still considered by many to be one of the most perfect survival horror games of all time. It’s influence is still felt to this day, even if the gameplay itself hasn’t aged all that well. 

As video games have developed over the years, survival horror games have very much moved away from the third person “tank controls” of the PS1 era. Resident Evil itself jumped to a more action-oriented style of gameplay in 4, 5 and 6, before going first-person in Resident Evil 7.

Being able to play a horror game in first-person naturally adds a level of tension and immersion that might not have been there before, and YouTuber Rod Lima has brought Resident Evil full circle by creating a mod of the original game that puts everything into first-person.

The video – which you can check out below – is essentially a quick test, but an incredibly effective one. Exploring the dark corridors of the iconic Spencer Mansion has never looked so terrifying.

Lima managed to uncover specific animation data for the HD remake of the PlayStation classic, then did a bit of clever scripting that essentially transforms it into a first-person game.

This is the second video he’s released showing off the mod (the first is here), but unfortunately it would seem that he’s not planning on making the mod public, or seeing it through to the very end.

The next big Resident Evil release will be the remake of Resi 2. It’s coming January 25, and doesn’t need to use first-person at all to be absolutely horrifying.