Resident Evil Is Being Remade In The Weirdest Way Yet

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Resident Evil Is Being Remade In The Weirdest Way YetCapcom/Media Molecule

Few games have been remade and re-released as many times as the original Resident Evil. In fact, I’d say the only game that could give it a run for its money at this point is Skyrim.

Capcom’s classic survival horror was initially remade for the GameCube in 2002, then it got a version on Nintendo DS as Deadly Science in 2006,before the GameCube remake was eventually given a HD lick of paint and ported to pretty much every console you’d care to mention.


My point is that nobody could reasonable ask for or expect another remake of the original Resident Evil, unless Capcom wanted to do one in the style of this year’s fantastic Resident Evil 2 remake, of course.

Of course, the surplus of Resident Evil ports and remakes hasn’t stopped akincibey71 from going ahead and creating their very own version of the original 90’s horror in Media Molecule’s robust creation game Dreams, in what I can only describe as the weirdest remake of the Capcom classic yet.

While akincibey71’s effort still looks a little basic, with rough character models and fairly environments that don’t convey the grandeur and dread of the Spencer Mansion, it’s still an incredibly impressive bit of work that’s clearly in its early stages.


The remake, which you can see below, has plenty of really nice touches and callbacks to the original game, including fixed camera angles, doors that open painfully slowly in first-person, and the iconic gravelly voice that proclaims “Resident Evil” as you leave start screen.

I’m constantly amazed by the scope and depth of what people have been coming up with in Dreams, and the game isn’t even out of early access yet! Earlier this week, we saw an equally impressive remake of the opening hours of Metal Gear Solidmade by Bear Parker a Global Community Manager for TT Games.

As is the case with Resident Evil in Dreams, Parker revealed he’s still getting to grips with the best way to utilise the creation tools in the game to make the best version of Metal Gear Solid, but is confident that he’ll get better the more he works on it.


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I genuinely can’t wait wait to see what other PlayStation classics get re-imagined in Dreams once more people pick up the game and get used to the vast array of tricks and tools on offer.

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