Resident Evil: Vendetta Will Feature Classic Characters, Images Confirm

by : Mark Foster on : 16 Sep 2016 10:32

There’s a new Resident Evil movie coming out (not the ones with Milla Jovovich before you say it’ll suck) and it’s going to feature some fan favourite zombie killers.


The computer animated Resident Evil: Vendetta is going to release in 2017 in Japan, and new images released at the Tokyo Games Show confirm that Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield will make an appearance.


Other than those happy chaps showing up, we’ll also see Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil Zero, but not much else is known about the title. One thing we do know, is that it’ll be at least partially set in a creaky old abandoned mansion – much like the Spencer mansion from the original Resident Evil game.


Japanese CGI firm Marza Animation Planet released images of Leon riding a Ducati motorcycle back in March and it’s been confirmed that he’ll ride it in the movie. Zombie slayers must be on a pretty decent wage to afford that beast.

ducatiducatiMarza Animation Planet

If nothing else, I really hope they hold true to the janky voice acting of the games for that legit, Resident Evil feel. Otherwise what’s even the point?

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