Resident Evil’s Next Movie Gets First Teaser Trailer


How many Resident Evil movies have there been now? Some would say too many, but somebody seems to be watching ’em. 

Well, get ready for the sixth entry in a franchise of movies that is now so far away from what the Resident Evil games are about that the only thing the two now have in common is a name (and zombies).

Franchise star Milla Jovovich recently took to Twitter to show off a teaser trailer for next year’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – check it out.

Maybe I’m mellowing in my old age, or maybe I’m hoping the moniker of Final Chapter means this franchise is finally over – but it doesn’t look that bad.

Going from the teaser, it certainly looks like the gang plan on killing a whole lot of zombies, so I’m sure we can expect plenty of over the top action scenes and not much else (which is no bad thing from time to time).

The full trailer will drop August 9 anyway, so we’ll have a clearer picture of the film then.

The Final Chapter is set to be released in January 2017. It’ll be directed by Paul WS Anderson, and star Jovovich once more as Alice.

The last Resident Evil film was 2012’s Retribution (also directed by Anderson), which grossed $240 million worldwide. To date, the series has made more than $915 million globally.

With Resident Evil 7 shaking up the traditional series gameplay in new and exciting ways, perhaps Final Chapter will be the end of the films as we know them to make way for a reboot of some kind.