Road Rash’s Brutal Spiritual Successor Is Finally Here

EQ Games

Road Rash is one of those franchises that was put down long before its time. The madcap, brutal arcade racer’s last instalment was released in 2000, meaning we’ve gone nearly two decades without a sequel. 

Nature abhors a vacuum though, and if EA and Criterion aren’t willing to give us a new motorcycle racer/beat ’em up, then someone else will – and has.

EQ Games

Road Redemption – developed by Pixel Dash Studios, Dark Seas Interactive, and EQ-Games – is essentially a spiritual successor to Road Rash, and it looks set to scratch that very specific itch fans of ultra violent arcade driving games have.

The aim of the game is to wipe out your fellow riders in a variety of brutal ways using an array of crazy weapons, including shotguns, baseball bats, machetes, sledgehammers, and more.

Road Redemption can be played solo or with four friends via co-op split-screen. You can also enjoy online play with up to 10 mates, if you have that many.

You can earn money and loot by killing riders, pulling off robberies, and winning races. All of this feeds back into upgrading your own rider’s bike, gear, and weapons to become the deadliest racer on the road.

Clearly people were desperate for some kind of follow up to Road Rash, as Road Redemption has a respectable 9/10 on Steam.

You can pick this riotous racer up on Steam, or more recently PS4 and Nintendo Switch. An Xbox One version is apparently in the works, but we’ll learn more on that in the next few months.