Rocket League Basketball Mode Coming Very Soon


Rocket League is insane enough as it is. Who doesn’t love the idea of playing football in super fast cars? So of course, throwing in a basketball mode is an absolute stroke of genius that should blow the game wide open – and it’s coming in April.

The Rocket League team announced by way of Twitter that the new “Dunk House” mode will arrive next month. The tweet comes with a fantastic new clip that shows the mode in action.

Check it out below:

There’s not much else known regarding Dunk House at the moment, apart from what we can glean from the clip. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s gonna be pretty fucking hard. I never really could get the hang of aerial shots (but then I’m pretty wank to be fair).

In related news, Rocket League could be the first game to support cross play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Who knows, maybe we can all shoot hoops together in a world of peace, love and harmony as early as next month.