Rocket League Dev Working On ‘Awesome’ New Games

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Given the almost indecent success of Rock League, many are wondering what developers Psyonix could possibly come up with next. Golf on motorbikes? Water polo in submarines? 

They’ll probably move away from the sport in vehicles model that made Rocket League such a smash, to be fair. But Psyonix CEO Dave Hagewood tells Game Informer that the studio has a “massive backlog” of projects that they hope will eventually see release.


Hagewood said:

We have this massive backlog of really awesome things. We’re trying to do this hybrid approach now where we put everything we can back into Rocket League, but are also developing new projects, new exciting things, that we hope to reveal at some point.

Rocket League has generated over $70 million after an initial budget of $2 million, and Hagewood hopes that having so much cash in the bank will allow the studio to stop doing so much contract work, and put more time into their own potential franchises.


He explained:

We’re definitely all in on Rocket League, but we have a pretty large team, actually, compared to what it took us to build Rocket League in the first place. It’s more than what we actually need to be all in on Rocket League, to do almost everything we want to do to continue Rocket League. We do want Rocket League to be this base that kind of replaces that contract work revenue that kept us stable for so long.


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Some of Psyonix’s previous contract work includes the multiplayer modes for games like Mass Effect 3 and Bulletstorm. 


Hopefully the team do get the chance to put more work into their own ideas. Anything from the guys who made Rocket League is bound to be worth a look.

Still, that doesn’t mean Psyonix are done with Rocket League – not by a long shot. A new game mode is coming this month that swaps out football for basketball, and looks every bit as mental as you’d expect.

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