Rocket League Will Be Blasting Onto Xbox One Next Week


Rocket League has been tremendous fun for PlayStation 4 and PC users since last July, and Xbox One owners have had to watch in jealously from the sidelines. No longer though, as developer Psyonix have revealed that Rocket League will be making its way to Xbox One on February 17 – with exclusive content to boot.  

For around £14 ($20), anyone with an Xbox One will be able to grab themselves Rocket League and two exclusive vehicles: A Halo themed Warthog, and a Gears of War based Armadillo. There’ll also be some exclusive Sunset Overdrive themed items, which are sure to add to the chaos.

Rocket League of course, is basically football in rocket powered vehicles. It’s easy to pick up and play, yet fiendishly tricky to master. An Xbox One version was announced at last year’s Game Awards, but now we know exactly when to expect it.

The PS4 and PC versions currently support cross platform play, but unfortunately the Xbox One version will lack this particular feature.

Still, Psyonix have confirmed that it plans on “aggressively supporting” the Xbox version of Rocket League with updates and content.

As if to prove this mission statement, you’ll be able to get the three previously released DLC packs all bundled with the game when it comes to Xbox One next week. All together, that includes an extra six cars and over 50 customisation options. Great time to own an Xbox One, then.