Rockstar Games Is Hiring For Full Time Game Testers

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games, the makers of such hits as Stealy Wheely Automobiley and Cowboy Bathtub Simulator 18 are now hiring for full time game testers in the UK. 

The new roles are available in sunny Lincoln, and if you happen to be a “passionate, enthusiastic and self-motivated individual”, then Rockstar would love for you to join their QA team.

Rockstar Games

Obviously that means getting to play video games all day, which is great – but it also means scouring the same section of the latest Grand Theft Auto for glitches until your eyes bleed, and then spending hours filling in reports so that the development team can quickly and efficiently fix any problems you find.

Make no mistake, the life of a QA tester is far from roses and sunshine, but if you reckon you’ve got the passion and drive (not the mention the willingness to work a crap load of overtime), then you can apply here.

Degree level education and previous industry experience is desirable, but not essential. What you will need is to be 18 years or above, and to have a winning smile. Okay, so the winning smile isn’t essential, but the bit about being over 18 is.

The only “qualifications” you need are the ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels, a keen interest in video games, excellent gaming ability, and an understanding of the video game industry.

This could well be a dream job for some people, though there’s a good chance you’ll come away from the role never wanting to play another video game for as long as you live. It’s up to you to roll that dice, friend.

We still don’t know what Rockstar’s big next gen project is, but they’re currently hiring development staff for it now, so it’s likely the QA testers will be working on this mystery game. My money’s on it being GTA VI or Bully 2.